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Need to make your Art Van credit card payment? If you own the Art Van Signature Card and need to make a payment towards your credit card balance, we have you covered. Your payment options are provided just below. People interested in this card can understand what it has to offer with our impartial guide.

Art Van Signature Card Credit Card Payment

The Art Van Signature Card is issued by GE Capital. GE Capital allow you to make payments by phone, by mail, or by using the online card management system.

To pay by mail, send a money order or check to: GE Capital, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061.

To pay by phone, call the number found on the back of your card, or call 1-866-419-4096 if you cannot find this number.

The online service with GE Capital offers a simple way to manage your Art Van Signature Card and make payments. Single and automatic payment options are available. The Contact Us page at the GE Capital website offers more help and guidance for payments. To make your Art Van credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.

Art Van Signature Card Credit Card

If you shop regularly at Art Van Furniture, or if you have a bigger homeware purchase planned and want to spread out the cost with zero interest, the Art Van Signature Card offers plenty of features and benefits and could be very much worth your while.

The Art Van Signature Credit Card offers special financing offers subject to your credit approval. Financing offers apply to purchases over a certain amount, and the stronger credit history you have the better financing offers that will be available to you. These offers are a popular choice with cardholders as they provide all the benefits of a revolving line of credit with no interest applied for the purchase.

The rate of interest that applies to regular purchases is 29.99%. This is also the default interest rate that applies on a financed purchase if you fail to make the necessary monthly payments or if you do not clear the entire financed purchase by the end of the financing period. For more expensive purchases this makes a big difference, so make sure you plan ahead and keep on top of payments.

While financing is the best benefit to come with this card, you also get a number of other benefits, including 20% off Art Van accessories, invitations to special sales events that are exclusive to Art Van members and cardholders, as well as advance notice of new product lines and merchandise. This card saves you money and makes it easier to keep on top of the latest home furniture, furnishings, mattresses and home accessories.

When there are no financing promotions, other cards with lower rates of interest might make a better choice than the Art Van Signature Card. If however you have few other credit options, or you want to make your finances simpler and easier, this card provides you with lots of simplicity and can help to make larger purchases more manageable in the long run.

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