Steele’s Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service Information

Steele’s Credit Card Payment and Login

Making your Steele’s credit card payment? Are you looking for information on the Steele’s Credit Card? This impartial guide investigates this credit card to see if it is worth your time. Read on for an overview of what this card has to offer and advice on how this card is best used. There is interest rate info and other terms and conditions provided, and there is also a dedicated guide at the bottom to help you understand your Steele’s Credit Card Payment Options.



Steele’s Credit Card Payment

You can pay for your Steele’s Credit Card bills by going to any Steele’s store (find you nearest store here), using the envelope you receive with your billing statement, or by phone, the number of which can be found on the back of your card. If you don’t have mail and phone payment you can call 1-855-224-4943 or use the online account center.

Comenity provide an online account center which gives you a simple option to manage your account and pay your bills. You can make electronic transfers from a checking/savings account, arrange a payment for the future, or setup automatic monthly payments To make your Steele’s credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.

If you have any questions in regard to making payments, the frequently asked questions page will be able to help you. The number for Steele’s stores customer services is 1-855-735-0381.

Steele’s Credit Card

Steele’s Stores offer great quality and top name brands, and with products covering everything you would expect from a leading department store but without the high price tag. Aside from the savings you get from simply shopping, Steele’s offer many ways to save extra, such as the 10For10 loyalty card and 15% off Tuesdays for the over 50’s.

The Steele’s Credit Card offers a very good introductory offer, giving you 10% off all the purchases you make on the first day you use the card. You also get a simple ongoing discount of 5% every time you use the credit card thereafter. This rivals most point programs and is less difficult to keep track of. However, there is no mention of discounts or coupons that other store cards often provide for you in the post, but in combination with the loyalty card there is still good savings potential.

Steele’s Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate for this card is 26.99%. This is a high rate and a small margin higher than most other branded cards that the credit card issuer (Comenity) offers with other retailers, but it does give you a good chance of acceptance. You are advised to keep your balance low, or pay off your entire balance within the grace period each month (25 days) to avoid interest entirely. The minimum interest charge is $2, there is no annual fee, and late payment fees and returned payment fees are up to $35 and $30 respectively. You can apply for this credit card via this link and see the full terms and conditions.

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