Credit Card Payments With Breeze Mobile Banking from Standard Charter

Credit Card Payments with Breeze Mobile Banking

Do you wish to make a Breeze Mobile credit card payment? If you have ever wanted to conduct all of your personal banking and credit accounts from one place on your mobile, then Breeze Mobile Banking gives you both power and simplicity to make the complications of financial management easier. Breeze – otherwise known as Chartered Breeze as the bank responsible for the apps creation is the Standard Chartered Bank – is the very first free mobile/tablet application to support almost every type of payment system, such as sending bank checks. The application started life in Singapore and Malaysia, though has since enjoyed success with the app undergoing rapid geographical expansion. The app looks set to reach the global market quickly.

The release of Breeze is heralding a new era of mobile banking, and if you have an iPhone or an iPad then it is worth seeing what benefits you can enjoy. This article covers the new Breeze Mobile Banking application, its features, and also with information on how to handle financial transfers such as credit card payments.

Credit Card Payments with Breeze

If you own a credit card and want to make payments for the credit balance while on the move, then the steps are simple. All you need to do is log in to through Breeze to the online banking service of the bank you wish to pay money from. From here you input your credit card details in the section which marks where you want to pay the money to. Conversely, you can log in to your credit card online account (if you do not have one for your credit card then you will need to set one up with your provider) and arrange payments from here.

Breeze Mobile Banking Features

Breeze provides the features to let you see your money and manage your money whilst on the move. Features include:

  • Calendar – All banking and credit transactions are put into calendar formatting so you can see when you have made purchases and when you need to make them. This ensures that a payment does not catch you by surprise.
  • Listings – Transactions can also be put into list form, which is helpful for keeping order to long and complicated transaction histories, and to clarify payment and transaction details.
  • Mobile bill payments & transfers – You will soon be able to use the app to send checks, instead of using physical checks. Payments from anywhere to anywhere can be conducted whenever you want. You can also make transfers to other people’s accounts, and add new payees as and when.
  • Other features – Payment reminders can be set to ensure you don’t forget, and you don’t need a new password to access online banking, just use your existing banking username and password.

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