Entrust FCU Credit Card Payment and Login

Need to make an Entrust FCU credit card payment? This guide takes a look at the credit cards available with this credit union and the main advantages and benefits they have to offer. We begin with a payment guide for existing cardholders.

Entrust Financial Credit Union

Entrust Financial Credit Union

Entrust FCU Credit Card Payment

There are a number of ways to pay your credit card bill with Entrust Financial Credit Union. To pay by mail you must check with the statements you receive in the mail. If you have a rewards card, you must go to the CURewards website to manage and redeem your points.

You can manage your Visa card by calling the Visa Cardholder Service at (800) 449-7728. There is only one physical Entrust location, but this credit union does operate through thousands of Credit Union Service Centers – visit the ‘Locations & ATMs’ page for more information.

Online Banking is available with Entrust FCU. Once you receive your credit card you can use your details to register for the service, which allows you to see your spending history (up to three months of statements), available credit and next payment due date, update your personal information, request a credit limit increase and pay your bills. More information can be found on the Visa Credit Card Information page. To make your Entrust Financial Credit Union credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.


Entrust Financial Credit Union Credit Card

There are four Visa credit cards available with this financial credit union: Classic, Classic Secured, Rewards Platinum and Student. All of these cards come with special discounts at selected retailers, including Papa Johns, Hertz and Alamo, thanks to a savings partnership between Entrust and Visa. You can also supply your own image to print on the front of your card.

With the lowest possible APR of 8.90%, the highest available credit limit ($20,000), the lowest introductory APR of 0% (for 6 months), and 1 CUReward point for every two dollars spent, the rewards Platinum card is certainly the best card that Entrust FCU has to offer, though it is the only card to come with an annual fee ($25). The Student and Secured Visa card options offer highly competitive rates of interest, and each card comes with beneficial features courtesy of Visa.

Terms and Conditions Overview

Credit Unions are renowned for the fair and reasonable terms and conditions they provide with their credit cards, and Entrust FCU is no exception. All non-secured credit cards come with no penalty APR, no minimum finance change, a minimum due date of 25 days after the previous billing cycle, no balance transfer fees, no cash advance fees and a 2% international transaction fee.

The APR you get, which will lie somewhere between 8.90% and 18.00% depending on the card and your creditworthiness, is the same for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. These cards do not bite you for withdrawing cash, which cannot be said for most other credit cards from the major banks and credit companies.

Late payment and returned payment fees are up to $25. Card replacement fees are $5.

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