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Expert Tire Credit Card Payment and Login

Expert Tire is now Firestone Complete Auto Care. Need to make your Expert Tire credit card payment or need to login to view your statement or manage your account online? This guide has you covered with an overview of your payment options provided below. If you are interested in applying for this card, an independent review is provided to help you fully understand your options. To make a payment online or manage your account, follow the link provided below on this page to the Expert Tire credit card login. You will also find useful “pay my bill” information such as the credit card customer service number, payment mailing address, and billing phone number below.

Expert Tire

Expert Tire

Expert Tire Credit Card Payment

The Expert Tire credit card is issued by Credit First, N.A. All card payments are handled by Credit First National Association (CFNA). They offer you three main ways to pay your bills: online, by phone or by post.

Pay Online: The CFNA online service is highly recommended for managing your card and making payments towards your card. It is very quick and convenient to make a single payment, or you can establish automatic payments. This service can be used to manage every aspect of your account. To make your Expert Tire credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login, register, view your statement or manage your account online.

Pay by Phone: The Expert Tire credit card payment phone number is 1-800-321-3950. You can call this number to arrange an ACH transfer, or you can use it for general information about your account.

Pay by Mail: The Expert Tire credit card payment mailing address is: Credit First, N.A., P.O. Box 81344, Cleveland, OH 44188-0344. Please include your Expert Tire account number on your check. Your account number is located on your statement. To ensure your Expert Tire payment is received on time it is recommended that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement.

Pay in Store: No. At this time you cannot pay your Expert Tire credit card in stores.

Expert Tire Credit Card Customer Service: The Expert Tire credit card customer service number is 1-800-321-3950. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more payment and customer service information.

Expert Tire Credit Card

With a number of features and benefits, the Expert Tire credit card might be just the card you are looking for. Like all branded credit cards it offers payment convenience for your purchases at all Expert Tire locations, and it can also be used at other Bridgestone affiliated tire and auto centers in the US.

This card can be used for all types of purchase, including general maintenance, repairs, tires and other auto purchases. Many people use cards of this type to separate your auto purchases and simplify your finances, and make use of various savings and rewards opportunities.

The best thing about this card is the 6 month financing offer. For any purchase over $299, you pay no interest as long as you make the minimum monthly payments and complete the payment within the 6 month period. This offer only applies for a limited time so make sure you check before you apply.

In addition to this offer, you can also get your hands on other exclusive savings opportunities. These offers are provided at selected locations at certain times of the year – check with your local Expert Tire center to see which offers currently apply.

This card comes with a reasonable interest rate of 22.8%. This is the only available interest rate available, and is a fairly good rate in comparison to other credit cards in the auto service market.

It is unfortunate that a permanent financing offer is not available with this card, and for many people it may be a better option to use a credit card with cash back or a points program. However, other credit cards don’t give you the exclusive savings and offers, which is this card’s unique selling point.

The minimum interest charge is $1. There is a fee of up to $35 for late payments and returned payments.

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