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KTC Credit Card Payment and Login


Make your KTC credit card payment online. The KTC credit card is offered by Krungthai, who are one of the biggest financial service companies in Thailand, offering services all over the Far East. They offer a truly vast range of competitive credit cards that fit all lifestyles and people from all credit backgrounds, with plenty of benefits and rewards schemes. This article covers a few of the notable KTC credit cards, their details, and at the bottom there is information on how to pay your outstanding credit balance and further useful information.

Making Payments and Other Info

Making payments for your KTC Credit Card is as easy as you would expect from such a large provider. You can visit one of a large number of branches (KTC Touch) in Bangkok and the surrounding area and provinces, where you can keep your account up-to-date. Or you can go to your bank and pay to your credit card that way instead. You can also pay via the internet, and this link provides you with the relevant websites to pay through, such as Krung Thai Bank or Bank of Thailand. You can pay by phone, with phone numbers to use at this link. You can also pay by check in the post, and the information you need to do can be found here. If you want to pay via your mobile phone then you can use Pay Service True. If you have any questions, then there is an online contact form here.

Popular KTC Credit Cards

KTC offer standard credit cards, KTC co brand cards, and affinity credit cards. Standard cards have no affiliations, and the benefits are offered in conjunction with the bank only, whereas the co brand and affinity do have affiliations, which can mean better deals for certain things. An example of an affinity card is the Bangkok Airways Visa Platinum, which provides 30% discount on ticket prices.

  • KTC MasterCard/Visa Gold –This card provides 4% discount for domestic flights, and 7% for when you buy at Royal Orchid. You get travel insurance worth up to 4 million Baht, and special discounts available through the year.
  • KTC Cash Back Visa Platinum –This card offers cashback on all purchases, with 0.4% up to 30,001 Baht, 0.6% up to 80,000 Baht, and 0.8% for over 80,000 bact.
  • KTC Titanium MasterCard –This card provides 2 Forever Rewards points and a low interest rate when using the card in conjunction with the FLEXI phone payment service. There are further discounts and cover available for travel (the same as the KTC Gold Card).
  • KTC Visa Platinum – This card offers great incentives for travel, including discounts and cover found with the KTC Gold Card, plus accident and baggage insurance, and Ultimate Platinum Assistance for emergencies of all kinds while traveling.

Please visit the KTC website to get more information on terms and conditions applicable to the range of KTC credit cards and banking services.

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