McGuire Furniture Rental Payment

If you are using the furniture rental services of McGuire Furniture Rental and Sales and need to make a payment with your credit card, this guide is here to help you with your choices. Below there is information on making McGuire Furniture Credit Card payments and setting up payment schedules with your credit card. You can also learn more about the company and what they have to offer with our company overview.

McGuire Furniture Rental Payment

McGuire Furniture Rental and Sales charge a monthly rent on all of the furnishings that they offer. This gives the customer flexibility and allows them to keep hold of their furniture for as long as they need to. Each month an invoice is delivered to your address, and you can then pay your furniture rent by cash, check or credit card. You can pay over the phone by calling 314-997-4500.

The easiest method to pay your furniture rent is to register for automatic McGuire Furniture credit card payments. To set this up, visit the McGuire Furniture website and download the Credit Card Authorization Form, fill in the form and return it to the address provided. In doing this your monthly McGuire Furniture credit card payments are made automatically and you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

Company Information and Background

Based in St Louis, MO, McGuire Furniture Rental and Sales has been selling and renting furniture for over 30 years. With decades of experience and a commitment to providing the most professional and reliable service, McGuire Furniture has established a strong reputation in serving the customer’s temporary furniture needs, and offering excellent prices on quality used furniture.

This company is popularly used with people who are moving home or going through a transition from one place to the next, though the service is also popular with students, and used for property staging, conventions, corporate events and lots of other personal and professional situations. In short, McGuire makes its services available for anyone who wants to hire furniture of an excellent quality for any period of time.

In addition, the company also allow you to rent housewares, and they offer furniture packages such as sofa suites and dining tables. You can pick and choose between different furniture and furniture packages to gain a package that truly fits your needs, and at the McGuire website much of the available furniture is listed so you can browse for what you need before you get in contact.

Credit and Financing with McGuire Furniture

In addition to renting out furniture, McGuire also allow renters to purchase their furniture outright, and the company also sells cheap used furniture directly. To make these products even more affordable, McGuire offers two different financing options. Standard financing is available with the Personal Finance Company, and No Credit Check financing allows you to get your hands on the furniture you want even if you have no credit or bad credit. This credit option is provided with Progressive financing.

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