4 thoughts on “QVC Credit Card Login – Payment – Address – Customer Service”

  1. Hello Sharon,

    You may want to contact GE Capital Retail Bank directly at 800-367-9444 as well. They issue the QVC credit card and handle the QVC credit card customer service. Be sure to continue contacting them if you do not get the response you desire. You’ll want to be persistent to make sure this gets resolved properly.

    Kindest regards,

  2. I have tried to pay my bill but forgot password and lost QVC card. I have not gotten statement. Contacted QVC they said they would email bank to send me statement. I tried paying by phone but need account number. HELP!

  3. Hello Patricia,

    Thank you for your inquiry. You may want to contact QVC credit card customer service directly at 800-367-9444 and notify them of your payment.

    Kindest regards,

  4. Please do not charge me a late payment fee. I just realized I had not scheduled it at the beginning of the month and sent payment today. I always pay more than what is due and would appreciate this courtesy once!

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