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SBI Credit Card Payment and Login

Do you want to make an SBI credit card payment? Purchasing a SBI credit card and want independent information, or simply want to know what credit cards are available? This guide covers the details of some of SBI’s most popular credit cards, and a section at the end to help cardholders pay for their credit card bills.

State Bank of India


SBI Credit Card Payment

The State Bank of India offers an online credit card management service which few other online services can beat in terms of payment flexibility and the general number of options available to you. SBI also offer a mobile banking service so you can pay for your bills while on the move – follow this link for instructions. To make your SBI credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.

The online service lets to arrange automatic payments, though you can also use the SBI Auto Debit Service by filling in a form or you can go to any SBI branch and pay over the counter. You can also pay by money transfer by Dropbox, Paycash or ATM.

SBI Credit Cards

SBI Advantage Gold Credit Card – This is a basic and popular SBI credit card which offers worldwide spending power and acceptance, a flexible credit facility and repayment plans, and low interest rates on balance transfers. You also get between 20-50 days interest free credit for the next billing period if you previous bill was paid off in full. Joining fee and annual fee is Rs. 299. Standard interest rate of 27% per year.

SBI Signature Credit Card

This premium credit card is available for applicants with a good credit history, and offers a rewards scheme to rival the best bank or branded credit cards. You get 2 rewards points for every Rs. 100 spent, and 5 times these points on applicable dining, department store, grocery and foreign spending. If reach spending limits within a year then you also get between 10,000 and 20,000 bonus points. Joining and annual fee Rs. 4,999. Finance charges of 3.35% per month.

SBI Platinum Card

This credit card combines a number of travel rewards and exclusives to provide real purchasing power for those who travel often. Depending on how much you spend each year you can get free plane journeys and anniversary rewards, alongside universal rewards including around the clock travel concierge and True Lounge access. Joining fee and annual fee of Rs. 2,999. Interest rate is 3.35% per month.

SpiceJet SBI Credit Card – This card is offered by SBI and SpiceJet airlines, and this partnership brings you very good rewards for travel and purchasing, with introductory offers including discount vouchers and baggage waivers. You can earn points for many different types of purchase, after which you can redeem these points towards Spicejet flights. Signing up and annual fee of Rs. 499, and normal interest 3.35% per month.

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