USAA Credit Card Payment and Login

Making your USAA credit card payment? If you need to know your payment options for a credit card with United States Automobile Association, you have come to the right place. This guide provides a detailed payment guide for existing cardholders and there is also a general overview of the credit options available with USAA to help you understand the benefits of going with this association.



USAA Credit Card Payment

USAA cardholders have a variety of card payment options. Upon a completed application you will receive paper billing statements – these will outline your various options.

Payments can be made in-person by visiting a USAA branch in the US or you can visit another bank where you hold an account to make a payment.

You are advised to register for the online banking service with USAA, as this is the easiest and fastest way to pay your bills. You can arrange transfers as and when you need to, or for true convenience, you can establish automatic monthly payments. To make your USAA credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.

If you need help or advice you can call USAA customer services on 1-800-531-8722. To make a USAA credit card payment by mail simply mail your payment to: USAA Credit Card Payments, 10750 McDermott Fwy, San Antonio, TX, 78288-0507. USAA ask that you refrain from sending any correspondence to the payment address.

USAA Credit Card Options

If you are in active military service, a veteran or a close relative of either, you are able to apply for membership with the USAA. Credit cards with this association are some of the best you will find anywhere; they come with highly rewarding benefits and can be especially rewarding for personnel on active service.

For example, the USAA Active Military MasterCard provides special rates of interest for up to 12 months for military deployment or PCS. Like most credit cards a foreign transaction fee will apply when using the card abroad, but all of these fees are reimbursed for the duration of a deployment. There is also a full rebate on all finance charges that apply during applicable military campaigns.

Other cards – like the USSA Rewards Visa – offer both unlimited rewards and low interest rates. This card earns you points for every purchase you make (1 point for every dollar) and delivers 2,500 bonus points with your first purchase. Rewards can be managed and redeemed with the online banking service, and there are a large variety of redemption options available.

To add to the benefits provided with this rewards card, USAA are well-known for the quality of their customer services. A customer survey has recently ranked USAA as number one for credit card customer experience.

General Interest Rates and Terms

The lowest standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR) available with USAA is 6.9%. Most cards come with a lowest possible APR of 9.9%, and a highest possible APR of 25.9%. This makes the cards available for people with excellent or good credit histories, and there are also a number of secured card options for people looking to establish a credit score. Secured cards come with a low APR of 9.9%. USAA do not charge penalty APRs and there are low transaction fees.

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